wild spirit

you know that feeling when something feels so clear yet so fuzzy at the same time, well i'm experiencing that. this picture made me feel brave and hopeful and realize that all it really takes is passion, persistance, and of course patience. it comes in all due time. 

i was sent a beautiful poem this morning that really resonated so i'd like to share. thank you kyra, the one who always keeps me on my toes and the creative wheels turning.

In a Tree House

Will someday split you open
Even if your life is now a cage,

For a divine seed, the crown of destiny,
Is hidden and sown on an ancient fertile plain
You hold the title to.

Love will surely bust you wide open
Into an unfettered, blooming new galaxy

Even if your mind is now
A spoiled mule.

A life giving radiance will come,
The Friend's gratuity will come - 

O look again within yourself,
For I know you were once the elegant host
To all the marvels in creation.

From a sacred crevice in your body
A bow rises each night
And shoots your soul into God.

Behold the Beautiful Drunk Singing One
From the lunar vantage point of love.

He is conducting the affairs
Of the whole universe

While throwing wild parties
In a tree house - on a limb
In your heart.

via brook shaden, an outstanding 23 year old female los angeles based photographer.